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Custom Bike Fitting

If you are experiencing problems with your fit, appointments made within two weeks of original fit appointment will be free of charge.

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All fits include a pre-fit interview, pre/post-fit photos and our detailed reports.

* Services by appointment only.
* After-hours appointments available upon request; 20% premium applies

Velocraft Fitting Process

Velocraft  Bike Fitting

Are you are serious enough to clip into a bike? If so, then you will benefit from Velocraft’s bike fitting service. Whether you are a professional or recreational rider, getting the proper bike fit is an effective yet economical way to improve performance. Velocraft’s bike fitting service lasts, on average, two hours and includes a physical evaluation, an initial dynamic recording of your position, a post-adjustment dynamic recording of your position and a digital recording of your new bike setup.

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Upon completion of your bike fitting service, Velocraft will review and provide the most accurate and comprehensive fit report in the industry that documents your final fit data, which includes body measurements and angles, as well as bike set-up and measurements.